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August 9 - September 13, 2014
Course Fee: Php 13,400

This module covers IMC that pertains to the various mediums of communication presently in use and appearing as added publications. Participants will be given an idea of the strength s and weaknesses of each medium so that, as future marketers, they will be able to make the appropriate decisions on which medium mix to utilize relative to supporting the short-term or long-term marketing objectives of your brands.

• Promotional objectives and positioning
• Marketing communications strategy
• The three P’s
• Product and corporate branding
• Cross-border communications
• Managing marketing communications
• Sector-specific marketing communications

September 27 - November 15, 2014
Course Fee: Php 13,400

DIGITAL MARKETING - Introduction to Social Media Marketing: The course will provide a comprehensive orientation on the integration of social media in marketing of the company's products and services. Participants will understand how to use and deploy sentiment analytics, community management and online reputation management. Participants will be empowered in how to use various social media platforms, tools and metrics. Participants will also learn best practices on managing a social media campaign and search engine marketing.

• Social Media Integration
• Sentiment Analytics/Community Management
• Online Reputation Management
• Social Media Platforms/Tools/Metrics
• Social Media Campaign 101
• Search Engine Marketing 101


• Emergence of New Market Segments
• Trends in Consumer Behavior
• The Changing Competitive Environment
• How companies adapt to the new market environment
• Trends in Marketing Strategies
• New Challenges in Logistics and Trade and Retail Sectors
• Adopting IMC, ICT

January 10 - February 14, 2015
Course Fee: Php 13,400

The students will now apply what they have learned from the earlier modules through a workshop learning approach. Mini-case studies will be resented to them to resolve in these workshops. All of these case studies will help them on the planning out their strategies in the same way as the military prepares its tactics for an offensive or defensive battle plan.

There will be 4 case studies that will be tackled representing 4 different marketing issues such as a new brand introduction, a dying brand, a changing marketplace condition, and a legacy brand. Each case will be graded and will progressively be added up to arrive at the student’s final grade for the course.

February 28 - April 11, 2015
Course Fee: Php 13,400

The course starts with learning how to do marketing research and how to use the study results in strategic planning. The students will be taught to appreciate the value of marketing research, and what of two methodologies will be applicable for their business question to the consumer and their retailer. The students will learn how to develop a project brief, the research questionnaire, how to do a filed work interview and later on to tabulate the generated data that will result into a data matrix which will be the reference for the marketing decisions to be made.

• Marketing Research Overview
• Quantitative Research
• Qualitative Research
• Trade Research
• Media Research
• Actual Field Research
• Group Presentation of Research
• Study Results

June 13 - July 18, 2015
Course Fee: Php 13,400

Systematic process involving: (1) formulation of sales strategy through development of account management policies, sales force compensation policies, sales revenue forecasts, and sales plan, (2) implementation of sales strategy through selecting, training, motivating, and supporting the sales force, setting sales revenue targets, and (3) sales force management through development and implementation of sales performance, monitoring, and evaluation methods, and analysis of associated behavioral patterns and costs.

• Introduction to Sales Management
• The Sales Function and Multi-Sales channels
• Leadership and the Sales Executives

April 25 - May 30, 2015
Course Fee: Php 13,400

This module teaches ways to increase the market’s demand for the brand and as well as improve brand image in order to attract sales. It will also tackle helping the brand rebound from a declining business condition. The key role of finance management in the brand’s commercial profit and loss shall be presented and discussed at length. The module will tackle the 4Ps of the marketing mix in as far as appreciating the role of each P in the overall brand management function. It will also cover the relevance of market competition and how to reduce the threat that they pose on the brand.

• The power of brands
• Creating a brand
• New product development processes
• Managing the brand portfolio
• Managing integrated brand communication
• Globalizations of brands

August 1 - September 5, 2015
Course Fee: Php 13,400

CRM is an important tool in growing brand equity. It is a very important contact point to the target customer. CRM reflects the image of the company and the brand to its target market. It is relevant to companies that need to have a back room support that will handle customer service satisfaction, after sales service and also sales generation. The students will learn the difference of CRM to customer service management. The various tools of CRM will be tackled to provide the audience with the knowledge of how to prepare and implement a good CRM program as a below-the-line marketing strategy.

• Customer Relationship Management
• Relationship Structure
• Key Account Management
• Situation Appraisal
• Moving up the buy-sell hierarchy
• Setting your strategy
• Implementing your action plan

September 19 - October 24, 2015
Course Fee: Php 13,400

This module will discuss how to build and increase a brand's image and purchase desirability over time to it's target public. It covers print ads, television commercials, and other public relation tools. Participants will also learn the differences between PR and Advocacy marketing practices.

• Fundamentals of public relations
• Corporate impact of public relations
• Advocacy marketing and communications
• Management of crisis PR
• Media training

November 7 - December 2, 2015
Course Fee: Php 13,400

This module updates on he role of advertising, consumer research, media and sales promotion service agencies. Discussions will allow participants to establish the agency-client relationship process and the limitations of each service provider. Participants will learn to appreciate why media-buying service agencies exist as separate entities to today’s advertising service companies.


• The New Marketing Landscape
• The Evolution of Marketing Tools
• Marketing Services and Tools
• Creating your BTL Marketing Action Plan

* Please note that sessions are working titles and the program may be subject to change

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Diploma in Organization Development  
Diploma in Professional Event Management  
Diploma in Marketing Management  
Diploma in Supply Chain Management  
Diploma in Real Estate Management  
Diploma in Training and Development Management  
Diploma in Professional Retail Management  
Post Baccalaureate Program in Digital Marketing